FleetComplete User Manual

Startup guide for setting up Ecofleet for basic features

The purpose of this guide is to guide you through the basic setup process and to help you get started using the Ecofleet system.

How to change a password?

  • Login with your Ecofleet username and password (sent to you via e-mail)
  • Go to Settings -> My settings -> Change password
  • Insert your current and new password accordingly
  • Click Change


How to set up the Vehicle basic info?

If you require having vehicles grouped by region and vehicle type, you need to set them up first. If not, you may skip this part.

Go to Settings -> Vehicle groups Here you can add and manage Vehicle types and Vehicle regions. This helps to group your vehicles, get a good overview how many and what kind of vehicles do you have and where are they located.
For adding a new type or region just click New Group and fill in the following form:


For adding created Vehicle type to specific vehicle(s) go to Settings -> Vehicles. Select the vehicle from the vehicle list by clicking the corresponding line; click and select Groups in Properties field. Here you can also rename your vehicles, change number plate, set default driver etc.


How to create Users and Drivers?

What is the difference between Person, User and Driver?

As both, Users and Drivers are People, they both appear under Settings -> People.

  • A User is a person who can log in to Ecofleet system and use any of the assigned modules.

  • A Driver is a person who might drive any vehicle that is in the Ecofleet system.

Please note that this choice is not exclusive - a person can be both, user and driver.

In order to create a new user/driver go to Settings -> People. Click the New Person button, fill in the following form:


You can define users and drivers by marking the checkbox (Is User/Is Driver).

How to connect people to a vehicle?

If you want to make any of the vehicles available for viewing in the system, go to Settings -> People.

  • Choose a person you want to connect to a specific vehicle.
  • Make sure that the “Is User” checkbox is selected
  • In lower right side of the tab you can see the field named Vehicles.

    Choose either:

    • All vehicles No extra settings here, user will see all vehicles across the whole system
    • Vehicles by region and type Select the region and/or type this user may see in the system
    • Individual vehicles Mark the vehicle(s) you want to be available for this person.


If you want to setup the default driver for any of the vehicles

  • Go to Settings -> People and make sure that the person has “Is driver” checkbox selected.
  • Go to Settings -> Vehicles, select the desired vehicle on the left side list.
  • Select the necessary person from the “Default driver” drop-down list and save.

How to create Roles?

Roles are groups of users that share the same permissions in Ecofleet. You can assign a new user a predefined set of permissions instead of picking and choosing a new each time. A user can be assigned several roles.

In order to create a new Role go to Settings -> Roles and click Add new. Following pop-up window will open:


Fill in the fields and Save. Click on a role you created in order to select and add permissions to it. Save your changes.


Created roles will also be visible in Settings -> People -> Roles after refreshing the site.

How to connect role to user?

There are two options how to connect people to roles:

  1. Go to Settings -> Roles.

Select a role you created earlier and then select a user (from lower left side of the tab) you want to connect with a role. Click Save.


  1. Go to Settings -> People.

Select the person from the list by clicking the corresponding line. Then select role(s) under Permissions you want the person to have. Click Save.


For more information please visit: https://manuals.ecofleet.ee/en/#Settings->Roles

For more information please visit the User Manual here: https://manuals.ecofleet.ee

Driver status

The purpose of this functionality is to give information about driver and his/her different statuses if he/she is available etc.

To make status and additional info visible, ecofleet mobile app must be used by driver. Ecofleet Mobile app can be downloaded via google play or appstore.

If this function is enabled for your company, first for setup:


Permission must be added to all roles (administrator also)


Under Settings, Categories, Driver statuses, can be set up additional info for driver:


Driver statuses must be enabled under people:

User with rights can change from desktop side driver status, if it is needed until driver updates his/her status again via mobile.


In Ecofleet Mobile, driver can set his/her status after login.

Main statuses On Duty/Off Duty are used.

Additional info can be multiselected



Status is shown in Ecofleet Mobile:




Status can be changed to Off Duty on :


From desktop side driver status and additional information is displayed on vehicle list


It is possible to add info to the vehicle on the map


If to make query about nearest vehicle then filtering possibilities are offered


In Tasks module the driver info and status are displayed under Driver section.


It is possible to ask Driver duty and driver status info via API query (GET Last data, GET people).